Red Light Therapy Q&A

As the owner of a Red Light Therapy Center, I get ALL the questions. 

Based on my experience with hundreds of clients, here’s what I tell my clients.

How long does it take to get results from Red Light Therapy?

It’s different for everyone! You may notice changes after the first session. Most of my clients notice better sleep after the first session, although most individuals see notable changes with pain, inflammation, mood and reduced stress after three or four sessions.

Each individual responds to treatment differently and changes are incremental and cumulative. If you commit to treatment, and come twice a week as recommended, you will notice changes quickly.

Most of my clients feel noticeably better within a few weeks. 

Red Light Treatment

How often do you have to do Red Light Therapy for it to work?

Although Red Light is safe to use every day, starting out, we recommend three sessions a week in our light pod. Then transition to two sessions a week to continue progress and promote healing and change. 

Maintenance is usually 1 (sometimes 2) sessions a week, depending on your goals.

What exactly does Red Light Therapy do?

Red and Near Infrared Light works at the cellular level, increasing cellular energy and encourages cellular repair… in every cell in the body. 

Red Light Therapy is also FDA approved to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, increase circulation and improve range of motion in joints. 

Because of how it words, red light is effective for many applications including:

You get ALL the benefits, with every session. So no matter your issue, you will be healthier every time you get out of the bed.
in a red light therapy bed

What are the side effects of Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy is considered safe, although some negative side effects can occur. Some individuals report insomnia, while others report fatigue when first starting treatment. Other side effects include irritability, headaches, and eye strain.

Does Red Light Therapy help sagging skin?

Red Light Therapy has been clinically shown to tighten sagging skin, reduce wrinkles, and promote the healing of scars and blemishes. 

Full results can take up to 12 weeks with consistent treatment.

Do you need goggles for Red Light Therapy?

Color light therapy

Although the light is non-harming, we recommend (and always offer) eye protection. It is not required that you wear eye protection, nevertheless the lights are very bright and may feel uncomfortable for some individuals with sensitivities to light.

I tried Red Light at that tanning place...

That’s great! So you know what Red Light can do!

Our bed is nearly 30 times more powerful and does much more than skin repair. 

The machines at the fitness place, that tanning place and home panels offer one, sometimes two spectrums of light, with a couple hundred LED’s.  

Our bed has four spectrums of light with 28,000 LED’s! Which means, it is more powerful and effective because it not only treats the skin, it penetrates into the deep tissues of the body. Muscles, organs, bone, soft tissue and brain; all cells are stimulated by our light bed. 

Is Red Light Therapy similar to tanning?

Our device looks like a tanning bed, but it doesn’t have the same type of light. Red Light is non-harming and does not expose you to damaging UV rays. You will not get a tan from Red Light but the treatment will feel warm and similar to a tanning experience. Instead of damaging the skin, red light will repair and heal sun damage!

Is Red Light Therapy good for your hair?

Red Light improves cellular health, improves the health of the blood vessels, stimulates the sebaceous glands for healthier-looking hair and hair growth, and improves the melanin production to reduce the growth of gray hairs.

Do you wear clothes during Red Light Therapy?

In our bed, I recommend… Birthday Suit.

Our full body device is designed to treat the entire body. Any areas covered with cloth will block the light from being absorbed. So to receive the full benefits, we recommend no clothes, and no sunscreen.

More questions about Red Spectrum's, Red Light Therapy?

I love geeking-out on Red Light Therapy, so if you have any questions about Red Light, I would be happy to share my experience and answer your questions.

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Jessica Schifman at Red Spectrum Health

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Jessica is the Co-owner of Red Spectrum Health. She fell in love with Red Light Therapy and had to shout it from the rooftops! When she's not at the office sharing the benefits of red light, she's juggling motherhood, family life, working out, or walking her beloved corgi's.