Red Spectrum offers customized, full-body Red Light Therapy treatments. Sessions are quick, while comfortable and deeply relaxing.

Red Light Therapy does it all, from skin repair to muscle recovery and pain relief. The best part is, you don’t have to pick or choose, you get ALL the benefits.

feel better with red light therapy

Manage Pain

FDA approved to reduce pain.

reduce inflammation with red light therapy

Reduce Inflammation

FDA approved to reduce inflammation.

improve circulation with red light therapy

Increase Circulation

FDA approved to increase circulation.

increased energy with red light therapy

Feel Better

Reduce fatigue, boost mood and increase energy levels.

improve sports performance with red light therapy

Sports Performance

The ultimate bio-hack, improve athletic performance, increase muscle gain, increase strength and endurance.

sports recovery with red light therapy

Sports Recovery

Train harder, increase performance and endurance, recover faster, promote healing and prevent injuries.

boost weight loss with red light therapy

Boost Weight Loss

Research has shown that Red and Near-Infrared light therapy has a profound impact on fat loss and eliminating cellulite.

rejuvenate skin with red light therapy

Skin Rejuvenation

From acne to anti-aging, Red Light does it all… boosts collagen production, smooths & firms, tones cellulite and reverses sun damage and scars.

Now Available

Heal and Prevent Acne
Face Light

Heal with Red Light and prevent acne with Blue Light.

rejuvenate skin with red light therapy

Anti-Aging Face Light

From anti-aging to skin repair, Red Light does it all… boosts collagen production, smooths & firms and reverses sun damage and scars

Brain Health

Heal damaged brain cells, improve blood circulation within the brain, reduce inflammation and toxicity.

Regrow Hair

Regrow hair with the most powerful technology available.

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