Reverse Oxidative Stress with Red Light Therapy

What is Oxidative Stress?

Oxidative stress is one of the reasons many people feel like they are failing with their wellness and fitness efforts.

Oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants. Both molecules are necessary for normal, healthy reactions in the body, but an excess of either can cause damage.

Have you ever noticed how an apple turns brown when you take a bite? That is oxidation. It occurs when there is an imbalance of free radicals. Free radicals are highly unstable and reactive molecules. Without antioxidants to neutralize them, over time, tissue and cell damage occurs.

The same thing happens in the body, when the body doesn’t have enough antioxidants to neutralize free radicals, they cause damage to the body’s cells, proteins, fatty tissue, and DNA. Damage by free radicals can affect cellular function and cause apoptosis, also referred to as programmed cell death.

While our bodies’ cells regularly die and get replaced, prolonged damage by oxidative stress has been linked to a variety of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, inflammatory conditions, and neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Oxidative stress also contributes to the aging process and can affect skin’s collagen production and elasticity, causing wrinkles.

Free radicals naturally occur when the body is under stress and can build up in the system as we age.

So, what's happening at the cellular level?

The mitochondria (the power plant of the cell) have receptor sites where oxygen is absorbed. The cell uses oxygen to create the energy it needs to complete daily functions.

Free radicals are attracted to the oxygen receptor sites (even more so than oxygen). When free radicals block the receptor sites, the cells are unable to absorb enough oxygen to perform their daily functions, which causes even more stress on the cell, triggering oxidative stress. 

How does Red Light Therapy Help?

  1. Specific wavelengths of Red Light trigger the cell to release free radicals. When the free radicals disperse, vasodilation occurs increasing circulation.
  2. The Mitochondria is then able to take in oxygen, which increases cellular energy.
  3. Increased cellular energy triggers cellular repair, reversing oxidative stress.

Red and Near-Infrared light can penetrate the deep tissues of the body. In a full-body light bed, every cell in the body is treated, essentially all systems n the body are affected and work better!

One Red Light Therapy session a week will reverse oxidative stress, and boost energy levels. Bodies are healthier after each and every treatment! Treatments are safe, non-invasive, non-toxic, completely natural and deeply relaxing.

For more Red Light Therapy benefits (see, 20 Reasons to Try Red Light Therapy).

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About the Author

Jessica is the Co-owner of Red Spectrum Health. She fell in love with Red Light Therapy and had to shout it from the rooftops! When she's not at the office sharing the benefits of red light, she's juggling motherhood, family life, working out, or walking her beloved corgi's.