Red Light Therapy benefits begin at the cellular level, triggering a cascade of healing effects that increase and optimize overall health and wellness.


Red and Near-Infrared Light therapy has a profound impact on fat loss (nearly doubling) when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.


Top level athletes use RLT to improve athletic performance & endurance, reduce fatigue, increase muscle gain, fat loss, strength and recover faster.


Aesthetic benefits of RLT boost collagen production, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, firms cellulite and reverses sun damage and scars.

About Red Light Therapy

Full Body Red Light Therapy encourages healing at the cellular level and triggers a cascade of effects to help repair and rejuvenate the body. 

If you want to feel better, reduce pain and inflammation, enhance your workouts or boost energy and mood, our quick, comfortable treatments will help you achieve your goals.

Treatments are natural, non-invasive with no negative side effects.

Red and Near-Infrared Light penetrates the skin and deep layers of the body (tissues, muscle, bone & brain) stimulating increased circulation and healing at the cellular level… in every cell in the body.

With Red Light, cells are able to produce more energy to stimulate repair, triggering a cascade of healing effects. Healthier cells means healthier organs and healthier systems.

Red Light reverses oxidative stress and encourages the body to work better, increasing energy and stamina.

Treatments are quick, effective, safe and deeply relaxing.

FDA approved for:

        • Reduced pain
        • Reduced inflammation
        • Increased circulation
        • Increased range of motion in joints

Other Benefits include:

        • Improved energy levels
        • Improved cognitive function
        • Reduced anxiety & depression
        • Increased metabolism
        • Boost fat loss
        • Increased athletic performance 
        • Quicken athletic recovery time
        • Anti-aging (Increased Collagen)
        • Healing benefits for the skin
        • So SO much more…
Thousands of studies have been conducted on Red Light Therapy. Visit our Research & Case Studies page for more information.

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Ari Whitten


"In essence, the basic principle is this: Whatever cells you shine it on (Red Light) - whether muscle, skin, gland or brain - those cells will work better when the mitochondria in those cells are producing more energy."

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