Boost Weight Loss with Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy Treatment

Research has shown that Red and Near-Infrared light therapy has a profound impact on fat loss and eliminating cellulite.

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Red Light Therapy Benefits for Weight Loss-

      • Scientific studies:
        • when red light therapy is combined with exercise and healthy diet, fat loss nearly doubles
        • RLT nearly doubles insulin resistance
        • Sessions could control the hunger hormones in your body (leptin and ghrelin) to help manage weight loss
      • Increased cellular metabolic function
      • Boosts collagen and elastin to firm and tone skin to minimize the appearance of cellulite
      • Increases blood flow and circulation to help with stubborn fat deposits

Red Spectrum Health provides The NEWEST Technology in Red Light Therapy.

    • Quick
    • Deeply relaxing
    • Full-body treatments

Treatments are natural, non-invasive with no negative side effects.

We recommend starting with 3 sessions per week then 2 per week until your goals are met.

Maintenance is 1 session per week.

      • Introductory Session & Consultation – $20 (30 minutes)
      • Red Light Therapy – $33 per session (15 minutes)
      • Package prices – $30 per session (15 minutes)
      • Membership pricing  – $30 per session (15 minutes)
Call to ask about our current package deals – 913-499-7744
Text/SMS – 913-980-5377

28,000 LED Lights:

The power, radiance and technology of this bed is the best in the industry with over 2 1/2 times as many LED lights as other’s in it’s class.

4 Spectrums of Red & Near-infrared Light:

      • 635nm Red Light – repairs and revitalizes skin and hair growth
      • 810nm Near Infrared Light – for cognitive performance, pain & inflammation
      • 850nm Near Infrared Light – for fat loss, muscles and deep tissue
      • 940nm Near Infrared Light – for pain and deep tissue

(Other beds only offer two spectrums)

Woman After Weight-Loss Measuring Waist Wearing Oversize Jeans Indoors, Cropped


Experience the benefits of Red Light!


"Something that I didn't expect is that my food cravings are under control! I feel satiated when I do eat and don't feel like I need to snack all the time."


"I was having trouble shedding the weight after I had my daughter. I was already eating a healthy diet and working out several days a week without a change in my body. When I added red light I immediately saw an increase in energy, and within weeks noticed my body getting stronger. I have now shed 12 pounds without starving myself! My clothes are loose and I have more energy."