Skin Repair with Red Light Therapy

Beauty equals pain, right? Not anymore. Scientists have stumbled upon the biggest breakthrough for natural and drug free beauty treatments, Red Light Therapy.

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Red Light Therapy for Skin Health

Say goodbye to injections, laser treatments and chemicals to plump and repair the surface of the skin.  Scientist have found that specific wavelengths of red light, repair and reverse skin damage, while rebuilding collagen and elastin. Bonus, the treatments are quick, safe, pain free with no down time.

Red Light Therapy, referred to as Photobiomodulation therapy, is a highly effective drug-free and completely natural way to heal the skin.

Humans have photon receptors in the cells, meaning humans have a natural ability to absorb and use light, just like plants, and humans need light to operate at optimum levels of health.

Oxidative Stress, the Cellular Assassin

As we age, free radicals build up in the system and block oxygen absorption resulting in cellular distress. Cells are unable to finish their daily functions which creates even more stress. This process is called oxidative stress and is generally acknowledged to be the precursor to all major disease and aging.

Scientists have found that specific wavelengths of Red and Near infrared Light increase cellular energy (ATP) which triggers cellular healing and reverses oxidative stress. These light waves are naturally occurring in sunlight, they are non-harming unlike UV rays but are essential for optimal health.

Red Light penetrates the surface layers of the skin, increasing cellular energy, reducing inflammation and increasing circulation triggering cellular regeneration, skin repair and healing.

Relevant Research on Photobiomodulation (Red Light Therapy)

Red Light has been researched for decades now and the results for treating skin conditions and signs of aging is remarkable. From fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin to age spots, rosacea, stretch marks, acne, melasma, and psoriasis, red light can be used to effectively treat the symptoms of a variety of skin conditions. Most clients see noticeable results in just a few weeks.

Red Spectrum Health offers full body treatments in the most advanced Red Light Therapy available. We offer personalized service and quick, comfortable, effective treatments in our World Class Bed.

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We believe it’s important to educate and share the science behind this amazing technology! Below are links to relevant scientific research studies on specific topics of skin rejuvenation. 

Click the links below to review research studies on specific topics of Red Light Therapy and skin rejuvenation.

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