Enhance Athletic Performance with Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy Treatment

The ultimate biohack, Red and Near-Infrared light will help you improve athletic performance, recover faster, increase muscle gain, boost fat loss, increase strength and endurance.

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Red Light Therapy Benefits for Athletes-

      • Red light reverses and prevents oxidative stress at a cellular level
      • Reduces inflammation to help decrease recovery time
      • Helps prevent muscle fatigue to boost endurance
      • Significantly enhance muscle growth and strength
      • Lowers lactic acid levels, minimizing muscle damage
      • Increases cellular metabolic function
      • Studies show when red light therapy is combined with exercise, fat loss nearly doubles
      • Boosts collagen and elastin to firm and tone skin to minimize the appearance of cellulite
      • Increases blood flow and circulation to help with stubborn fat deposits

Red Spectrum Health provides The NEWEST Technology in Red Light Therapy.

        • Quick
        • Deeply relaxing
        • Full-body treatments

Treatments are natural, non-invasive with no negative side effects.

We recommend starting with 3 sessions per week then 2 per week until your goals are met.

(Other beds only offer two wavelengths of light).

        • Introductory Session & Consultation – $20 (30 minutes)
        • Red Light Therapy – $33 per session (15 minutes)
        • Package prices – $30 per session (15 minutes)
        • Membership pricing  – $30 per session (15 minutes)

Call to ask about our current package deals – 913-499-7744

Text/SMS – 913-980-5377

28,000 LED Lights:

The power, radiance and technology of this bed is the best in the industry with over 2 1/2 times as many LED lights as other’s in it’s class.

4 Spectrums of Red & Near-infrared Light:

      • 635nm Red Light – repairs and revitalizes skin and hair growth
      • 810nm Near Infrared Light – for cognitive performance, pain & inflammation
      • 850nm Near Infrared Light – for fat loss, muscles and deep tissue
      • 940nm Near Infrared Light – for pain and deep tissue

(Other beds only offer two spectrums)


Experience the benefits of Red Light!


"I have seen more progress in my workouts in the last few months than I have seen in years of consistent training. I feel stronger, I have more endurance and I don't feel as sore after training."

Ari Whitten


"PBMT with exercise makes a potent combination. Not only does red light help you recover faster, it seems to amplify everything that happens with exercise - increased muscle gain, fat loss, performance, strength, and endurance."


"... it helps with relaxing my tense muscles, especially with post-workout soreness. It's a staple in my self-care routine!"