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Red Light Therapy for Brain Health

Transcranial Low-Level Laser Therapy (TLLLT) is the direct irradiation of the human brain with highly focused infrared LED’s. Unlike other wavelengths, near-infrared light has the ability to penetrate bones and to bring light energy to the targeted brain areas. Light energy is absorbed by different types of cells to trigger a broad range of intra-cellular effects.

Why infrared light? The optimum wavelength for maximum skull penetration is between 805 nm and 830 nm (infrared). Studies show that the optimal wavelengths of light reaches a depth of 4-5 cm past skull.

1. Short-term stimulation: ATP, blood flow, lymphatic flow,
cerebral oxygenation, less edema.
2. Neuroprotection: Upregulation of anti-apoptotic proteins,
less excitotoxity, more antioxidants, less inflammation.
3. Processes that help the brain to repair itself: Neurotrophins,
neurogenesis and synaptogenesis.

Red Light Mechanisms

How Photobiomodulation (red light therapy) affects cellular activity in the brain.

  1. Stimulation of the mitochondrial respiratory chain (cytochrome c oxidase).
    1. Increases ATP energy production in the cells.
  2. Release of Nitric Oxide by photodissociation vasodilatory effects:
    1. Improves lymphatic flow = Increased cerebral blood flow
    2. Activation of beneficial cellular pathways
  3. Brief increase in reactive oxygen species.
    1. Stimulates cryoprotective, anti-oxidant and anti-apoptotic effects in cells.
  4. Improved oxygen availability and oxygen consumption.
  5. Activation of signaling pathways and transcription factors that cause long-lasting changes in protein expression.

Red Light Therapy for Hair Loss

FDA-cleared, modern, sturdy, comfortable, and easy to use. The Happy Helmet targets most common areas of hair thinning and balding with 256 LEDs. Expect to see visible results and fuller hair in just 3 to 6 months.

Happy Helmet is more powerful than any other LED helmet on the market. 810nm wavelengths penetrate deep into the skin and hair follicle.

Technical Details

  • Number of diodes: 256
  • Wavelength: 810 nm
  • Power: 50 mW/diode
  • Total power: 15 W
  • 4 Intensity levels: (25-50-75-100%)
  • Treatment time: 1-30 minutes
  • Sponges included to customize fit.
  • Not a wireless device.
  • 1 Helmet
  • 1 Case
  • 1 Power Adapter
  • 1 Control Panel
  • Sponges
  • Connector Cables


Treatment Recommendations

Use 4-6 times a week, 1-2 times a day. Red Light is safe and can be used daily. 

Product Warranty

This product is guaranteed for one year with proper use.